50,000 euros grant for “Wikipedia of technical installations”

Menthor is receiving a grant of 50,000 euros from VLAIO to develop a new platform that maps all the information about technical installations within the organisation. “A bit like the Wikipedia of technical installations,” manager Geert Nies tells us. “A technician can use this to solve a possible breakdown without ever having seen the machine before.”

Menthor, a Genk-based company, assists customers in optimising technical processes and organisations. To achieve good results, it uses its own tools and methodologies. A unique approach, with which manager Geert Nies has earned a place in the Thor Park community.

Recently Menthor developed a new platform, which helps technical organisations to organise their machine information in a smart way. All applications within the organisation become available in a very transparent way. “This platform”, says Geert, “enables a technician to solve a possible breakdown without ever having seen the machine in question before. A bit like the Wikipedia of technical installations.”

The idea and format – based on more than 30 years of experience and insights of Geert himself – is extremely unique. He is proud to announce that VLAIO has granted a subsidy of EUR 50,000 for this. “In the coming months, we will be pulling out all the stops to further develop this new concept,” says Geert. For the blueprint and IP protection, we are working together with partners ‘The Zoo’ and ‘Gevers Legal’, also partners in the Limburg incubator network. By the end of the year, Menthor wants to have a first version on the market.

Source: incubathor.be

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