Thor Park is strategically located in the heart of the knowledge triangle Eindhoven – Leuven – Aachen. The proximity to renowned knowledge institutions and world players in the energy sector and manufacturing industry as well as to the Dutch, France and German markets offers significant economic advantages.

The province of Limburg and the city of Genk are known as a logistic hotspot in the Euregion. Thor Park is just a stone’s throw away from the highway and national and international airports. The region is accessible by road, rail, water and air.

Thor Park is also one of the gateways to the National Park Hoge Kempen. Your company has an edge in the ‘war for talent’ by offering your employees a unique green work environment. Your customers will be impressed by the mix of industrial heritage and contemporary architecture.


Thor Park is easily accessible by public transport (train and bus), well-connected bike paths and by car (adequate parking facilities). Nearby airports ensure good international connections.

How do you get to Thor Park?

Thor Park is easily accessible thanks to the proximity of the E313/E314 highways (+/- 2.5 km). There are plenty of parking spaces and there is also the possibility to charge electric vehicles.

See the floor plan and parking possibilities at Thor Park here. Please note that public parking 2 & parking 8 are temporarily closed (until March 2023).

You can leave your car at Thor Park depending on the building where you need to be and by following the signs:

  • EnergyVille 1: visitor parking beneath the building (incl. charging stations). You will find the entrance through the gate on the right.
  • EnergyVille 2: parking lot at the right side of the building (incl. charging stations). You can enter through the gate with the barrier.
  • IncubaThor: public parking 1 (at the entrance of Thor Park) or public parking 8 (between the EnergyVille buildings).
  • T2-campus: parking building opposite the T2-campus or on the public parkings on both sides of the building (parking 3 & parking 5).
  • Thor Central: public parking 1 (at the entrance of Thor Park).

Caution! Parking is prohibited in front of the buildings on the gravel, on green areas and all along the Thor Park roads. Wrongly parked cars are often towed.

Thor Park is easily accessible from the following train stations:

  • Genk station – distance 5 km: direct bus connection to Thor Park. Bicycle and car rentals are available.
  • Hasselt station – distance 20 km
  • Liège station – distance 59 km
  • Maastricht station – distance 27 km

Genk station: take the G1 bus in the direction of Waterschei to Thor Park. It’s scheduled twice every hour and a one way trip is approx. 16 minutes.

Line G1, between 6 am and 8 pm every half hour, between 7 am and 9 am and between 3 pm and 6 pm every 15 minutes. Stop at ‘Waterschei Thorpark’, at the entrance of the park.

Other possibilities:
Lines G1 and 3: ‘Waterschei Mijn’-stop, 2-minute walk to Thor Park

Thor Park is easily accessible through the Limburg cycling network (junctions 508 and 509) or through the cycle paths along the public road.

The park is 5 km away from Genk train station.

Nearby airports:
Antwerp – 90 km
Brussels – 87 km
Charleroi – 126 km
Düsseldorf – 113 km
Eindhoven – 64 km
Frankfurt – 272 km
Liège – 53 km
Maastricht / Aachen – 27 km

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