Thor Park, access to the smart world of today and tomorrow

Strategically located business, technology and science park where renowned research institutions, start-ups, growth companies and global players in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and smart city applications come together.

Thor Park’s mission? Contribute to the development and valorisation of smart, sustainable, circular and connected innovations by providing access to specialised ecosystems, the  Open Thor Living Lab, the regulatory sandbox for energy, infrastructure, partners and network.

Infrastructure and expertise



More than 30 specialised labs, 10,000 m² office space and 4,000 m² production units to support desk research, production and everything in between.

Research, knowledge and expertise

Three overarching themes in smart manufacturing and eight interdisciplinary domains of energy transition carried out by five knowledge and research institutes and 35 companies.

Thor Community

More than 40 organisations and 800 employees have regular formal and informal meetings with the objective to share knowledge, to stimulate collaboration and generate business together.

Open Thor Living Lab and regulatory sandbox for energy

An ecosystem with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in which innovative solutions - on the one hand for energy transition and on the other for smart manufacturing and smart city applications - can be developed, tested and accelerated to market in a regulatory-free zone in unique interaction with scientific institutions, companies, training institutions, governments and local citizens. Translated with (free version)

Financial resources

Access to funding through the four financial partners, potential participation in the more than 300 (inter-)national R&D projects and public funding.


Training and education to more than 1,000 technical profiles a day at T2-campus, access to the talent pool of the 2 partner universities KU Leuven and UHasselt and to the wide variety of bachelor and master students in Limburg.

Network and partners

Incubator network with 300 start-ups, financial partners for economic support, acceleration partners to support growth and supporting partners for HR, legal, accountancy, international expansion, etc.

Practical support

A team of seven full-time employees with experience in public and private sector unburdens the companies at Thor Park and they have one objective: helping them at being successful.

National Park Hoge Kempen

Gateway to the one and only national park in the Flemish Region with access to 12,000 ha of protected natural areas with a wide variety of recreational activities.

Events and congresses

More than 300 events every year, ranging from (corporate) events and trainings for a minimum of 10 persons to national and international congresses with a capacity up to 1,500 people.
Thor Park in figures
93 ha total surface area
40 organizations
800+ employees
2k visitors on a daily basis
5k jobs by 2035
300+ events
30+ specialized labs
150+ doctoral students
300+ R&D projects
10k m² office space
4k m² production space by 2022
15k m² production space by 2030

Thor Park, a rich history, sparkling with ambition

Thor Central EnergyVille T2-campus IncubaThor FacThory Open Thor Living Lab Regulatory sandbox

The former HQ of the mine has been transformed into a state-of-the-art meeting and event venue. It offers a stylish restaurant, extensive congress facilities and everything in between.

For whom?

The ideal venue for companies and organisations looking for large meeting rooms to host training courses, commercial events, a company event, conferences, etc.


The energy innovation hub that accelerates the development of sustainable and smart energy-related technologies. The future of a decarbonised, energy-efficient and sustainable future starts here.

For whom?

For researchers and knowledge institutions that want to be part of a European top player in its field. For companies that are looking for innovation and seeking knowledge. At EnergyVille, the energy of the future comes to life.


Technology and talent meet in this training campus where SyntraPXL, VDAB and EducaThor have set up a thorough collaboration. Trainers and trainees work together in an innovative and inspiring environment.

For whom?

For research institutions, companies and schools that want to collaborate, as well as for individuals who want learn new skills within one or more technologies.


Innovation can only grow in the right conditions. Start-ups, scale-ups and growth companies can develop their business ideas in ideal circumstances using state-of-the-art infrastructure and supporting services while being part of a thriving community.

For whom?

For start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and established companies looking for an HQ or satellite office for its consultants or sales teams. The ideal mix of companies in one unique location in the heart of the East region with access to the Netherlands, France and Germany.


Looking for a lab, a test environment or a different production method? This modular production environment grows along with the needs of smart manufacturing companies. The focus? Smart, sustainable, circular and connected. From idea to ‘design for manufacturing’.

For whom?

Innovative production and manufacturing companies that want to realise their proof of concept on this campus or want to create a smart and flexible production unit.


Looking for a place to test your new technologies in real-life conditions to make sure that your application works? A location to showcase your latest innovation to customers, partners and investors? The Open Thor Living Lab at Thor Park is the place to be! The SmartThor platform enables you to store and/or share data.

For whom?

For innovative companies that believe in collaborative innovation and want accelerate their growth using the experience and expertise of the experts at Thor Park’s  Open Thor Living Lab.


As part of the Open Thor Living Lab, Thor Park is the first and only regulatory sandbox for energy in Flanders. Deviations in the energy regulation offer the opportunity to conduct experiments with more freedom and to accelerate innovations.

For whom?

Energy companies that want to be part of Flanders’ most innovative environment or companies whose research into new market organisation models, multi-energy systems and smart grids is currently delayed or impeded by energy legislation.


Thor Park, a range of possibilities, in one location

Office space +

A satellite office for established enterprises or the perfect location for an ambitious start-up? Thor Park has it all: modern and up-to-date offices in an inspiring environment.

Production units +

With the production units focused on smart manufacturing you can push the boundaries of manufacturing. Focus on your core activities and expand your modern production capacity at Thor Park.

Labs +

Thor Park provides access to labs with the state-of-the-art infrastructure to answer the needs of demanding companies and to support groundbreaking tests experiments. All conditions are met for high-level performances.

Events +

A polished piece of history is the perfect setting for inspirational events. At Thor Park, every event becomes one of excellence due to the modern meeting and conference accommodations, architectural gems and adequete parking facilities.

Catering +

A quick bite or an extensive business lunch? Looking for the perfect catering? It’s all possible at Thor Park.  Stop looking and enjoy Thor Central’s culinary delights.

Parking +

Easy accessibility and adequate parking facilities is key for a business park. Don’t waste your time looking for parking. Multiple parking options are available to ensure you and your visitors will always find a spot to park your car!

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